Baby Pastel Lesser Blade Clown


  • Python regius
  • Captive Bred
  • Female
  • Approximately 19 Inches In Length 
  • Roughly 84 Grams And Growing 
  • These Snakes Are Brilliantly Colored With Gold’s, Browns, And Black Patterns From Head To Tail
  • Feeding On Live Hopper Mice Weekly

Baby Pastel Lesser Blade Clown

  • Ball Pythons Are Native To Central And Western Africa And Thrive In These Warm, Tropical Areas
  • With Proper Care And Setup These Snakes Can Live 20 – 25 Years In Captivity
  • Great For A First Time Keeper As Well As An Experienced Breeder

When Hatching Out Of The Egg They Can Be As Small As 10 Inches And Grow To Be 5 Feet

Baby Pastel Lesser Blade Clown


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